Anak2 mummy sayang

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My second version of F.... I.......She's a gurl!


It's not a hectic period where i have no time to update my blog..It's also not because im to lazy to write anything here..but it's because of this pregnancy symptom that's makes me feels nauseous, dizzy, exhausted, have gas and when Im well enough to eat I empty the house. Im experiencing such extreme differences between the first and second  pregnancy.. I realize each pregnancy is different but this one is the completely hard to explain!but mummy so thankful that this time i will have a 'pretty' version of farhi hihi..Alhamdulillah..

The latest picture of Muhammad Farhi Irham, Mummy and Daddy...N inside my belly..My lovely Nur F****** I***

 To  my lovely unborn baby Nur F****** I***:

Mummy cant wait to see u to hold u and to dress u all snug..yesterday went shopping with Dadyy n Abg ayie..we bought a lot of pinky stuff to u..Even though Abg Ayie made his own 'drama' with daddy...pity dady...But ur dady he's the best dad in the world..Mummy so sure daddy was the happiest dad in the world when the doc said u, our little angle is a girl...u re going to be the first generation of daddy's root as the first granddaughter,n u will have 4 bodyguards above u...!

Dear Nur F****** I***:

Sometimes with this pregnancy ills,mummy feels time is moving slowly..but now,the day is almost here..Another 2 months to hold u dear..mummy can't wait to see your smiling face, and hold your little hand.
When mummy writing this,  I feel you move, this is the most exciting feeling ever!!feeling like a million butterflies fluttering in my belly. This feeling gave me that extra boost of love & confidence that u re doing well.