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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

25 Dec 2010: Farhi turns 8 months!


Farhi turned 8 months last 4 days..Actually, mommy wanted to write down something on 25 Dec but feeling so lazy to waste my useless time sitting doing nothing in this freezing, dull, damn black office! haha oppsss..!Im so pissed off since this week suppose to be my vacation week ...for me n hubby n lil baby but hmmm wut to do ~~ im in the mood of vacation~~ =(

Woke up at 6 in a morning, farhi will start his "dada" "mama" "tata" although I'm not pretty sure what it means. 8 months ago, from the second you came into this world, As I held you in my arms that very first day, with your tiny little hands and tiny little feet, mommy so proud to have you! Mommy and daddy will do anything for u baby, to make sure you smile, laugh and we promise that will always be there to catch you if you fall. You my little angel...Muhammad Farhi Irham..

Last nite is the first nite that mommy started to read u a bedtime story..hehe so funny coz instead of reading from book, mommy created my own bedtime story to make u sleepy...It was the first crappy short story that u ever heard.."Pak Abu dan kambingnya"...haha mommy ended up the story by saying " the moral of the story is~~bila Farhi dalam kesusahan, mesti minta pertolongan????Allah......n Farhi smile and says "mamamama" like u understand n ur eyes close down slowly...You are really such a cute little baby in my life!tonite is dady's turn...n we will see whether it turns up sleeping or screaming loudly in high pitch as you did always hehehe

Yesterday also, for the first time you did the push up onto the hands and knees things and rock back and forth like you wanted to crawl..yeah baby go...stop climbing daddy's 'mountain' ;) start to explore your world by moving on your own!(hr2 mommy kena mop =( )~~hmm xpe for u baby!

-8 months baby-

-We happy family-