Anak2 mummy sayang

Thursday, July 15, 2010

-05 June 2010-

A year passes by in a blink of an eye,
From a white clean sheet into a kite reaching for the sky,
Along the way were winds of barrier,
But we are still lovers,
May it long last forever,
Happy Anniversary honey..

The pass year has been d happiest for me,
You bring me joy and elation like I have never felt before,
Nothing is more important to me,
than seeing you n our baby live a happy n wonderful life together with me,
I swear i will try my very best to be d best husband n daddy I can ever be..
this shallow heart is sorry for all d troubles he'd brought to you,
I can't give you d world,
But trust me I can give you all d love you need,
I love you , with all my heart n soul,
Happy Anniversary honey..

-SMS from hubby on 05 June 2010-

p/s: no celebration on dat day since hubby off to Sabah n me still in confinement @ Kedah. Thanx hubby.I wrote down here as a note to remind me how lucky I am to have u..n also because I want to clear my inbox =)